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  1. Visual-Based Post [Blogging Blueprint]

    Visual-Based Post [Blogging Blueprint]


    An image post uses a visual element as the centerpiece of your post, such as a SlideShare presentation, infographic, comic, or high-resolution images.

    Use your introduction to provide a caption for your image(s). Why is it valuable? What’s the point? Image posts don’t require a lot of text, so choose your words wisely.

    Here are some examples of how we use Visual blog posts here at HubSpot:

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  5. BODY:

    After just a few lines of introductory text, ins
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  • How-To Post [Blogging Blueprint]

    How-To Post [Blogging Blueprint]


    Your “how to” blog post should teach the reader how to do

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  • Hello world!

    Welcome to Magento SecondBlog by Magefan. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start secondblogging!

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